Advertising Pixel Support for Advertising Agencies

Get technical assistance to setup the Advertising Pixels from LinkedIn, Facebook, AdRoll and more on a client’s website.

Swift Turnaround

You’ve got the go ahead, and the Pixel, all you need now is swift assistance from Silicon Dales to get your client’s Pixel campaign live and tracking.

Discretion and care

Your client might not know where a domain login is or how the website in question works, and they may have several different providers and tools involved. Silicon Dales will organise necessary accesses and credentials with as much ease as possible for all stakeholders.

Ongoing assistance

Every campaign has its bumps in the road, whether it’s lead capture emails not coming through, landing pages breaking or servers being overloaded with your awesome sales funnel. Silicon Dales can assist with any technical issues to keep your client’s successful ad campaigns running smoothly.

Trusted expertise

Silicon Dales are expert WordPress developers, accredited WooExperts and have a wide range of experience with other platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce and Magento as well as other CMS’s.

Get a quote - Advertising Pixel Setup

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