Hosting for Agencies

Silicon Dales Provides Web Hosting Assistance for Marketing Agencies

Silicon Dales has an experienced team ready to assist with your client projects. We can advise on a range of hosting environments to suit every WordPress website scenario. Below are just a few examples of the hosting we work with:


The hottest name in scalable cloud architecture. For truly global projects where load times are critical, AWS offers easy access to data centres around the world, cutting out latency for users.

Silicon Dales are AWS Consulting Partners with experience managing high usage WordPress applications on AWS.

Google Cloud Platform

Get scalable hosting from one of the largest manufacturers of servers in the world. Google makes its own stack and works hard to ensure you’ve got all the paperwork and information you need to satisfy regulatory requirements for clients.

Dedicated Servers

Depending on circumstances, Silicon Dales may sometimes recommend a dedicated server as the most straight-forward way for an agency developer to update multiple sites in one go, or a cost effective solution for multiple client sites.

Silicon Dales has experience working with a wide range of hosting providers for a number of different WordPress setups and can advise on the most appropriate hosting environment for your agency and client needs.

Technical Support

Silicon Dales offers technical support for marketing, branding and digital agencies, including server maintenance, WordPress application support and email management. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

With you every step

We will help you plan, deploy, and maintain complex digital environments for your clients; we provide ongoing support every step of the way.

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