Find Silicon Dales on Codeable

Silicon Dales on Codeable

Codeable is the No. 1 Wordpress outsourcing platform, endorsed and invested-in by Automattic – the company behind, which is owned by WordPress founder Matt…

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How to Bold Text in Skype

This tutorial describes how to make text written into Skype display in bold font. This opening paragraph is bold (it is also in italics). Formatting…

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Colour Trends for 2014

Shutterstock has released data on the most popular colours. The results are based on 400 million downloads from the popular image service, making this a reliable…

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Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet anti-spam protection logo

All Silicon Dales’ Web Maintenance customers are now benefiting from the Silicon Dales Enterprise Licence for Akismet spam protection. Akismet is a smart algorithm for spam protection,…

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18th Century Web Fonts

We have been looking for some really fancy 19th Century web fonts as part of a project to put some information from 1800’s history books…

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How do I get a UPC?

If you are in the UK and would like to trade on Amazon, you can get a UPC by registering with GS1 UK. GS1 UK…

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