Take a step back and get the wider picture with consultancy from Silicon Dales.

Consultancy from our experienced team can help your business to save money, time and deliver more scalable, stable and accessible systems.

Silicon Dales’ experience provides leading approaches for how organizations plan for, buy and manage digital resources.

We provide help on planning projects, system architecture and organisational processes.

Streamline projects

Get a clear view of the options and different ways of achieving the same objectives before starting a project.

Feel the difference

Experience improvements straight away: connect your on-site staff in real time. Work across multiple devices, track time & movements.

Scale up

Automation, efficiency, metrics and tracking – get all the benefits of online working.

Our consultancy ranges from short one-hour consultations over Slack, Zoom or similar, through to 2-day discovery sessions with all your key stakeholders in one room.

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