Power up your WooCommerce with Silicon Dales

Silicon Dales provide a suite of services to SMEs looking to maximise ROI from digital.

Our team of UK based WooCommerce developers can help you to develop, maintain and troubleshoot your WooCommerce theme, plugins and extensions.

We have particular experience dealing with the more complex integrations, and the helper code you might need to incorporate (for example) WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Memberships into your e-commerce offering.

Accredited WooCommerce Developers

Having been WooCommerce affiliated for several years, Silicon Dales are qualified WooCommerce experts (AKA WooExperts) who can handle your complex WooCommerce integrations, with specialisms in:

  • Migrating data from other platforms (Magento, Shopify)
  • Importing large product ranges in CSV (or other) formats
  • Managing large product databases and stores
  • Mobile payments providers and responsive checkouts
  • Integrating EPOS, POS, Inventory management, accounts, logistics and more.
  • Affiliated and accredited providers of cloud-based ERP software from Google, Microsoft and IBM.
  • Hosting & Hardware support and maintenance – keeping your WooCommerce site fast, stable and secure.

With you every step

We will help you plan, deploy, and maintain a complex, mission critical WooCommerce integration; we provide ongoing support every step of the way.