Silicon Dales offers a Monthly Website Technical Maintenance Package, designed to keep your website up-to-date with latest versions of software and ahead of the curve in terms of search engine optimisation.

Many businesses also find it minimises the need for support tickets – everything is proactively kept running in the background with a totally hands-off approach.

In all cases, email is the preferred method of communication, particularly for urgent issues.

Monthly Website Technical Maintenance Package – Summary

The Monthly Website Technical Maintenance Package includes:

1.1 Software Upgrades
1.2 Security Updates
1.3 48 Hour Issue Fix
1.4 Email & Phone Support
1.5 Anti-Spam Service
1.6 Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics Management
1.7 Page load speed testing & optimisation
1.8 Use of Silicon Dales developer licences
1.9 Time set aside for your account

See full Service Level Agreement here.