Google Workspace Business

Google Workspace Business subscriptions, sold by Google accredited resellers, Silicon Dales.



Support from Silicon Dales for your business-wide Google Workspace plan.

This product includes:

  • troubleshooting email issues
  • addition of new accounts or privileges
  • assistance or tutorials on password resets and remote wipe
  • device setup assistance

Managed Google Workspace Business accounts include:

  • Unlimited storage†
  • Alerts to know when people share, edit or delete files in Drive, including when they share files inside or outside your domain.
  • Enhanced security features with Google Vault
  • custom email addresses
  • email groups
  • multiple domains routing to one inbox – or multiple inboxes
  • calendar management
  • cloud storage for documents with Google Docs
  • work on documents as a team from wherever you are
  • automatic translation
  • instant messaging and video chat feature

†Accounts with fewer than 5 users receive 1TB/user.

Secure, accessible working

Online and offline working across multiple devices in a shared collaborative environment. Google Workspace opens up a whole new way of working.

Much more than just email

Video chat, calendars, document storage and much more. Silicon Dales can assist with bringing the power of Google to your business.