Terms & Conditions of Sale

Silicon Dales Ltd (“We”, “Us”, “The Seller”, “Silicon Dales”) – sells a variety of products and services to clients across the globe (“You”, “The Buyer”). This page details our general terms and conditions of sale.

1. Jurisdiction

All our contracts are to be considered under the law of England and Wales, regardless of the physical location of the buyer, or its agents.

2. Deposits

2.1 No Contract Without Deposit

Silicon Dales sells products by invoice, with an initial deposit payable to initiate all contracts. For new clients, full payment may be requested on initial instructions. Without the payment of a deposit there is no contract between us and The Buyer.

2.2 Break Clauses & Deposit Refund

Contracts contain individual break clauses containing full details of refund options, repayments, and what happens to your deposit in the event of a contract termination.

3. Payment Dates

Except where otherwise determined within your contract, payment is due within 7 days of invoice date.

3.1 Interest on Non Payment

Except where otherwise determined within your contract, payments outstanding for more than 30 days shall have interest applied to them at a rate of 3%. This amount is calculated daily from the time at which your payment became overdue.

3.2 Referral to Solicitors

Except where otherwise determined within your contract, payments outstanding for more than 90 days shall be referred to our solicitors. Interest charged daily at a rate of 3% shall be applied from the time at which your payment became overdue. You will be liable for all costs attributable to the recovery of your overdue payment.

3.3 Termination of Services – Non Payment

At any point after your payment becomes overdue, Silicon Dales may terminate your contract, and cease delivering your services. This can include ceasing delivery of traffic to your website; ceasing the provision of web and email hosting services; ceasing the delivery of software backups; or ending the provision of any other services we may be carrying out on your behalf. This can result in major disruption to your business. In every case, it is best if you contact us if you are having difficulty making your payment to us.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your payments are up to date. Silicon Dales accepts no liability in the loss of business you suffer as a result of your non payment of our fees.

4. Online Payments – Credit Card Fees

Payment is accepted in a variety of formats. Our online invoices contain a payment link. Silicon Dales incurs certain costs for your payment via this method.

4.1 Payments Within 7 Days – Fee Free

Assuming your payment is made within 7 days of the issuance of our invoice, you will not be charged a credit or debit card processing fee for making payment online.

4.2 Overdue Payments – Credit Card Payment Fee

Payments made outside of the agreed payment period may be liable to an additional charge to recover our costs in processing your payment. This credit card payment fee shall be not more than 4% of your total payment amount.

5. Returns and Refunds

5.1 Refunds for Invoiced Work

The nature of our products and services means that they are provided at the point of delivery and are therefore non refundable. Your contract will contain provision for dispute resolution and break clauses which will allow you to exit the contract for specified reasons.

You will receive your final invoice only after you have signed off work and agreed our contract is complete, meaning that a return or refund is not relevant to our work.

5.2 Returns & Refunds – Monthly Recurring Payments

In the case of monthly contracts, where you feel you have not received the full service for which your monthly payment has been collected, please contact us. Where we have failed to deliver contracted services, a full refund shall be issued. Please note, however, that you are free to terminate monthly contracts at any time during your monthly payment period, and that payment cycles will cease from that point forward (assuming you are on a rolling, month to month, contract – i.e. you are outside of a specified contractual period).

We will not issue a refund in cases where you have failed to notify us of your intention to cease a contract.

6. Notice Period for On-Going Contracts

Notice must be made in writing at least 7 days before an invoice becomes due and be agreed by a member of Silicon Dales staff with you.

Please do not assume that an email sent has been received until you are notified that your service has been discontinued.

7. Updates to Terms & Conditions

This document will be updated from time to time. While we will make every effort to notify our clients of updates to our Terms & Conditions, please make sure you are familiar with these terms and conditions before contracting Silicon Dales.