Case Study: Moodle and Mailchimp Integration for WooCommerce

Screenshot of the Institute of Photography homepage

The Institute of Photography booked Silicon Dales to update integrations between WooCommerce, Moodle and Mailchimp, including a Moodle re-theme and some custom code. What’s the Institute of Photography? The Institute of Photography (or IOP®) was founded by photography and online photography course experts to help people increase their skills from the comfort of their own …

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Minimum Requirements for WooCommerce

Below are the minimum requirements for WooCommerce and (by extension) WordPress. Some are taken from WooCommerce, some from WordPress, and also, some, we are adding as recommendations. It should be apparent, below, which is which! Before getting started, if you’re here to assess a WooCommerce host, then you may be interested to check out our …

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How to Transfer/Move Vhosts in Plesk to Utilise Extra Storage

Let’s imagine, for a moment, you inherited – or setup – a dedicated server which runs Plesk version … whatever … and attached to that server you have some mounted storage. All of your websites are taking up the space, though, and you want to move the entire virtual hosts, contents, and whatever into your …

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Community Engagement Websites

Big projects need all stakeholders onboard. So how do you reach out to members of the public and civil society? What is the best way to approach local representatives and campaign groups? A clear website with up to date information is a great place to start. I’m Interested Who Is This For? Types of Organizations …

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WordPress 5.0 is Live!

A short post about the latest and greatest WordPress release, WordPress 5.0, which is now LIVE and available for download.

This release contains a brand new editor experience, known as Gutenberg, which is a major change.

As a consequence, we recommend to update first in a test or staging environment, and, as ever, you should backup your files and database before attempting your update.

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Case Study: Custom WooCommerce Barcode Scanning Plugin for Vant Marketing

Vant Marketing booked Silicon Dales to create a custom WooCommerce barcode scanning plugin for a client, after previously working with Silicon Dales on another project. Who are Vant Marketing? From the middle of historic downtown New Braunfels, TX, our “flight crew” is ready to serve clients with experience, technology, and insight hard to find elsewhere, …

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Case Study: Optimization for Expression Fiber Arts

Expression Fiber Arts engaged Robin Scott from Silicon Dales to optimize their blog. Expression Fiber Arts® offer heart-crushingly gorgeous, hand-dyed luxury yarn. With large images and a 163,000 following on Youtube, it is essential for Expression Fiber Arts to serve large files to large audiences. Robin Scott has a great track record optimizing WordPress for …

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