WordPress Age Verification

Age Gate - a WordPress age verification plugin

There are lots of times when you want to check the age of your visitors before allowing them access to your WordPress website, for example…

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CSS Tutorial: Justifying Text

Sometimes, for the purposes of style, we want to justify text in web pages. Justification, in a typographical sense, means that text stretches to line…

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Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet anti-spam protection logo

All Silicon Dales’ Web Maintenance customers are now benefiting from the Silicon Dales Enterprise Licence for Akismet spam protection. Akismet is a smart algorithm for spam protection,…

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18th Century Web Fonts

We have been looking for some really fancy 19th Century web fonts as part of a project to put some information from 1800’s history books…

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How to Do a Screenshot

Sometimes, people ask us how we’ve done things on the Silicon Dales website itself, as they’d like to take a technique and put it into…

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