Bookable Services and the Gutenberg Audit

For some time now, we’ve been developing ways to offer our personalized services and expertise as standardized bookable products through WooCommerce.

Some in the industry call testing out your own stack “dogfooding” – but we prefer to say we practice what we preach! As WooExperts we wanted to see what we could do for our clients – especially providing easy online bookings with that all important credit card.

Check out the bookings site here:

Whilst bookable services remove some of the initial customer interactions with our team, for many clients this will represent less friction and make it quicker to get to a solution for their website.

In addition to rolling out a WooCommerce-powered store, we’ve also gone ahead with running a funnel designed by Jono Farrington who has a great deal of experience and expertise driving sales using advertising and automated email sequences. Find out more about what Jono gets up to on his page here.

The funnel this week is on a very topical subject: Gutenberg. This is a big WordPress update and a lot of site owners are going to need some assistance with the process, so we’ve loaded in some heavy sales pitch and added on a video shot by Robin Scott.

Check it out here:

Gutenberg audit landing page funnel screenshotThe result is a very compelling sales funnel and we look forward to sharing the results in our case study section later this month.

I want a funnel

If you’d like a sales funnel building for your website or business, get in touch. You don’t even need to have a website. We use industry leading tools and can assist your team with templates and campaign setup to help maximise traffic and conversions.

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