WooCommerce Ends Gold, Silver, Bronze – Just WooExperts

This is a slightly retrospective posting, but we are delighted to announce we’ve re-signed our official WooCommerce accreditation for the future, only this time its slightly different, as WooCommerce has ended Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditations.

Therefore, please note: if you see an expert claiming to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze WooExpert, then this was from before 2017 or they simply are not on the official WooExpert programme at all. We have tried to remove all our references to the old programme, at Silicon Dales, because we refresh our content and website regularly, in line with Best Practice. This post, however, is very useful for WooCommerce webmasters out there to understand why some agencies still claim to be “Gold” accredited.

As we were Gold standard, you might imagine this would make us sad. It does not. We value and respect our fellow WooExpert colleagues around the world, and we expect you to be well served by any of them. The removal of this tier is a Good Thing, as it removes any confusion over qualification. All WooExperts are qualified – they go through rigorous blind testing, as well as a series of interviews. While this process does also require us not to disclose the specifics, I can say that is rigorous!

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for us and WooCommerce – and all the great WooCommerce store owners out there who may become our clients in future.

So, if you see the WooCommerce Gold badges across this site slowly being replaced with the new purple WooExpert badge, then this is why! We are still every bit as accredited, but the system just changed. So heads up!

You can find the WooExperts section of the WooCommerce website, here.

What do you think about this change? Are you also a WooExpert – or where thinking about it? Maybe you’re a client or store owner? Do you prefer it without the tiers – or with them?

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