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Horse legs on all weather surface, hooves kicking up dust

Equestrian sites are a class apart – driven by a strong and dedicated community and full of events and great new kit – there’s always something new to feature on an horse-lovers website. Silicon Dales can assist your equine organisation to get the most out of being online with some specific features:

Location Map

Most equestrian businesses have some element which is tied to a particular location, such as livery, lessons or bulky feed deliveries – not everything can go via UPS! For that reason, we make sure your location map is as useful as possible and that public maps such as Google and Bing have the info too.


The horseback riding community is exceptionally strong and has a rich presence on social media – especially Facebook and Pinterest. Keep your customers keen and reward your network by hooking up your website with the awesome photos and connections on social media. Even better, get your network onto a mailing list to send round special offers and last minute meet-ups.

Feed Sales & Equipment Purchase

Feed is a bulky item and sometimes needs special delivery or pick-up options – all handled easily from within your shop system when setup by Silicon Dales. Sell or drop-ship a full variety of horse equipment and equestrian clothing, paid online. Push with ads, promote with videos and photos, it’s all possible from within your online store.

Livery Subscriptions

Take regular monthly payments in advance from all major credit cards. No more chasing payments when you could be putting your feet up after a long day.

Lesson Booking

Online booking for lessons can be made easy: including block booking and regular subscriptions. This is a great way to offer your loyal students the ability to pay by card or even by Apple Pay, AmazonPay or PayPal.

Entries for Competitions

Simplify the competition process with online forms and automated emails.

Documentation for Competition

Get all the important information from and to competitors from a single simplified system.


Every equestrian business needs hands on deck. Get the extra pairs of hands you need with job listings and online application forms.

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