Introducing the “Product Bundles” WooCommerce extension

Introducing the “Product Bundles” WooCommerce extension featured image

In this post, we describe the main features of the Product Bundles WooCommerce extension.

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What Woo Say

“Create and offer highly configurable product bundles, kits and assemblies that consist of simple and variable items.”

What We Say

To be considered alongside the Composite Products extension, this one allows store managers to pre-load bundles products as little collections of products, and set a price for the bundle which is apart from the price of each item in the bundle. This is important as the order will still know that each item in the bundle has its own SKU. A great way to manage inventory while packaging products together. Think wine store selling mixed cases, but imagine the possibilities for your store!

Price & Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

Multi-site discounts available. Prices start from $49

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An Official Extension

Product Bundles is in the official WooCommerce marketplace, and as such, you can expect it to be well documented, well supported and generally better than the unofficial extensions you may discover find out there on the internet.

Need help with Product Bundles?

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