Managed G Suite with Enterprise Email

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Silicon Dales is an authorised reseller of the G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work, and Google Apps for Education), suite of products.

G Suite is cloud based document storage, email, and software. Everything you need for business, hosted and stored in the cloud.

Enterprise Email – on All Your Team’s Devices

Your team can send and receive business email, on any and every device they use. So that’s their smartphone, their laptop, their desktop and their tablet. All from one account. Without “losing” email on one machine or another.

Much More Than Simply Gmail for Domains

Gmail is really, really, powerful, and it works, on every device. But G Suite is more than just Gmail for domains.

In addition to enterprise level email – – running on Google’s impressive Gmail infrastructure, G Suite gives all your staff access to Google Drive, complete with a full range of products.

This includes: Word Processing Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and much more. Plus 30GB of storage allowing you to store – and share – large files. Backup your important work files in the cloud – and access them from anywhere!

That’s like having Microsoft Office available on any machine, with all your docs. It fits with modern life, and modern business, in other words.

Silicon Dales Support & Management

The experienced deployment team at Silicon Dales manages seamless transitions from on-premises systems to the cloud.

Get full support for your management team, IT department and individual staff members to make sure all your systems and documents are mapped across and the business is able to feel the full benefit from day one.


Managed G Suite Basic setup includes:

  • Transition from present email system
  • Transition of emails onto new system
  • Integration with clients’ devices and apps – for all your team

Managed G Suite Basic

Managed G Suite Basic accounts include:

  • up to 30 GB of storage
  • custom email addresses
  • email groups
  • multiple domains routing to one inbox – or multiple inboxes
  • calendar management
  • cloud storage for documents with Google Docs
  • work on documents as a team from wherever you are
  • automatic translation
  • instant messaging and video chat feature
  • troubleshooting by Silicon Dales
  • email infrastructure managed by Google


  • Separate email domains for extra security
  • Extra encryption via TLS
  • Footer setup
  • Templates
  • Setup on Outlook, smartphone or other email clients

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