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Silicon Dales specializes in open source web development. We focus on the following two areas, specifically, in order to maintain expertise:

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That’s really only one “sort” of development then, since WooCommerce requires WordPress to run.

All our developments are WordPress.

Full WordPress Website Build Projects

The “traditional” project we undertake for clients is a full WordPress website build. Below are some of the steps you can expect to be taken through on the journey to getting a new site live (subject to budget and deadline restrictions).

Discovery and Planning

We’ll help you to plan your WordPress (and WooCommerce) website build, ideally starting from the initial idea phase as we can provide valuable insight into the whole process to match solutions to your business goals and needs. Read more about our consultancy options.

Agency Designs

Alternatively, some clients have already selected an agency or designer (or have one in house) who supplies us with an outline plan, and (for example) PSD (Photoshop (or similar)) designs for how pages will look.


Your new WordPress website is built in staging and tested against agreed functionality. You are then given access via login to test and revise with our team.


We help you deploy your new site too, including assistance with the selection (or in-house setup) of your new WordPress friendly web hosting; migration of your old WordPress site – or importing content from your old CMS into WordPress, connecting payment gateways, changing CDN’s; basically everything that might, can, and will crop up in getting your project from concept to live.

Tweaks and troubleshooting icon on a laptopTweaks and Troubleshooting

Already got a WordPress or WooCommerce website and just want some help with a particular issue? No problem. After an initial site inspection and consultation, our expert developers will work with you to fix the issue according to your business needs from an immediate fix for a crashed site to fixing that small function that only bugs one person in the back office.

We have capacity to deal with a full range of deadlines and WordPress specialities.

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Does Silicon Dales perform “non WordPress” PHP development services?

Not really. If you have a custom PHP application, and it doesn’t interface with WordPress, in some way or another, you probably want to find another development team. Why? Because we specialize.

We are up there with the best WordPress developers on the Globe. We are not generalists, we are WordPress specialists. This means we follow – and lead – changes in WordPress, be they PHP, javascript, or more “user side” changes (things like updates to the admin panel, for example) so that we know our software, absolutely, and can help you to apply it in a business context.

If you’re a business, and your website is WordPress based – and it really can be for pretty much any purpose, from simple to complex – then we would like to help you reach your goals.

Already have a website? Try our CROM service: Checkup & Review, Optimization & Maintenance for WordPress

See also our recently revamped CROM service, which is Checkup & Review, Optimization and Maintenance for WordPress business websites.

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