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WordPress powers 25% of the internet… 50,000 new sites every day

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems. You’ve made a great choice of platform. Now it’s time to make a great choice of technical partner. Whatever you want to do with WordPress, Silicon Dales can help get you there.

Silicon Dales mainly deals in complex WordPress integrations, hosting consultations, or other WordPress tasks.

This means we work building:

  • custom WordPress themes;
  • custom WordPress plugins;
  • Evaluating and troubleshooting issues in (mainly complex) WordPress websites;
  • planning, designing, launching, maintaining and supporting complex WordPress projects.


Silicon Dales has experience working with WordPress since 2005 on over 100 different client sites with a wide range of use cases and challenges.

From specialist security and network requirements through to ultra-high traffic and large product feeds, Silicon Dales can advise on a number of approaches to using WordPress for different business needs.

What does “Complex” mean?

Silicon Dales handles different types of complex WordPress installs including high-traffic, highly-customized, e-Commerce and mission critical applications.


A WordPress website can be more complex just by having “lots” of visitors. For lots, read tens of thousands per day – or more. A busy WordPress website might need special caching, a different database setup or a hosting upgrade to handle extra load.

Plugins, customization and business use case

Every extra plugin adds a level of complexity to your WordPress website, especially from the point of view of updates. If your website has custom code, or is utilized in an unusual way by your organization, this can all add complexity to your WordPress project and the ways in which it can be properly maintained, secured and backed-up.


We mainly work with WordPress websites which feature some form of ecommerce, usually through WooCommerce. Almost any WooCommerce based website is complex – because you are handling a lot more than just content: orders, shipping rules, tax rules, transactions, transactional email.

Each element will need to be setup and maintained for your particular business, meaning solutions must go beyond the standardized or the automated.

For more on our WooCommerce expert status, see here.

Mission critical

If your WordPress website must maintain 100% uptime and real-time backups for transactions, it makes business sense to have expert WordPress developers, such as Silicon Dales, handle changes or updates with experience and care.


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Some Specific WordPress Services

Looking for something in particular? The list below shows some specific service areas in which we excel. This is not exhaustive, but click to find out more.

WordPress Experts?

The team behind Silicon Dales (see the footer of the site, or our about page) have been working with WordPress for more than 10 years each.

During this time we have reached expertise in complex WordPress sites (those which integrate with other platforms), hosting Big WordPress websites, and, last but certainly not least, helping clients process thousands of transactions on WordPress + WooCommerce stores.

We plan, build, launch, optimize, maintain and support complex WordPress websites, all day, every day.

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