Web Hosting Management

Silicon Dales provide web hosting advice and management, with particular expertise in AWS. Power up your page load performance, security and SEO with current industry knowledge and experience in the following:

  • DNS management
  • CDN options
  • Variety of caching solutions for every need
  • SSL Security Certificates
  • LAMP environment – perfect for WordPress & WooCommerce
  • On-going support & tuning
  • and much more

Web Host Migrations & Tuning

If you’re not sure about migrating or just want to tune up on the host you already have, our team can provide advice on the available options. Book a consultancy today.

Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

We’ll manage your infrastructure in the AWS cloud, allowing for fully optimized, burstable, globally fast web applications. Ideal if you want to serve information fast in territories such as China or Australia. Silicon Dales are experts at scaling WordPress and WordPress + WooCommerce for large media and e-commerce projects in the AWS cloud. Contact us to discuss your options.

Other Providers

Our current list of recommended providers is:

Though we work with many more. Contact us to discuss your options.

Web Hosting Case Studies, Tutorials and Reviews

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