What is Web Hosting?

You may have heard the term Web Hosting before. You may have understood that without web hosting you can’t really have a website. But it might help you to make a buying decision to understand what, exactly, web hosting is.

We don’t mean to be patronising, nor to teach grandma to suck eggs, so feel free to skip on ahead if you’re way ahead of us!

When it comes to “web” there are three different but equally important types of “hosting”:

Switchboard-operatorHow Hosting Makes the Internet Work

Your domain hosting will contain records – nameservers – which tell browsers (or, rather, their ISPs) upon which physical machine (or section of a machine) web files live for a particular domain. When email is received or sent, your domain host will tell the ISP where to route that email.

Web Hosting is therefore the computer – or section of a larger computer – which contains the files and database required to render your website or web application. Your web hosting server will deliver, on demand, these files to browsers which request them, which will render them. That is how the internet works. It is how you’re reading this page right now!

Domain Hosting

Domain Hosting is essentially the use of a service (usually for a fee) which stores the records about your top level domain (TLD). A TLD is yourdomain.com. For Silicon Dales, our TLD is SiliconDales.com.

Email Hosting

Email Hosting is the hosting on a physical computer, or section of a physical computer, somewhere, of the email which is sent to and from your domain.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the storage and serving on demand of the files and other elements which make up the website accessible via your domain.

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