Adding a User to AWS with CloudFront permissions

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If you want to allow someone else (like a contractor, or Silicon Dales) to access your AWS account to add CloudFront to act as a CDN for your WordPress website (and why wouldn’t you, its a great way to offload static content, and can even be free for your first year under the free usage …

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How to Setup FTP (FTPS (not SFTP)) on an AWS EC2 Instance

Below are the commands required to setup FTP (well, FTPS in fact, and specifically not SFTP, which you can most easily use by adding your security certificate to your FTP program and accessing over SSH) on your AWS EC2 cloud instance. I’m assuming you use the AWS flavour of Linux. If you do not use …

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AWS EC2 Instance Won’t Stop

If you use a lot – or even just one – EC2 instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS), from time-to-time, you might find that an instance becomes unresponsive, you can’t get in via SSH, and, when in the AWS console, the instance just won’t stop! When this happens, you select “Stop” in the console, and …

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