The Silicon Dales Guide to GDPR: What does it mean for WordPress & Open Source?

European union flag with ones and zeros symbolising binary or data

This guide looks at the impact of the GDPR with special regard to website admins, owners and developers – primarily those using the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, as well as those using Google’s Google Workspace.

Silicon Dales are accredited WooCommerce developers, as well as Google Partners reselling Google Workspace to business clients inside and outside of the European Union. While this content is primarily expected to be of interest to those in a similar position, it is likely that this explanation may well be of interest to webmasters, developers, web and PR agencies, business owners, as well as senior executives looking to come up to speed with GDPR, in the context of what this might mean for their web operations.

There is also some discussion of the wider WordPress and Open Source community and how the challenges of GDPR might be addressed within that context.

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