Cloudways Voucher Code – a 20% off Coupon from Silicon Dales

Cloud with 20% off sign

Remember when we told you about our favourite WooCommerce hosts, and we mentioned a service called Cloudways, which gives low cost all-but-instant access to managed cloud hosting which doesn’t cost the Earth, and doesn’t require a sysadmin on your payroll? Maybe you don’t. Don’t worry, the important thing is: we have scored ourselves a unique …

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Holidays Promotion: 20% off WordPress family brands

Working on your website this Christmas? Whether you’re sprucing up a homepage or preparing for January sales, there’s a festive treat from the company behind to help you on your way over the holidays. Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack & WooCommerce, is having a 2018 Holidays sale at all three businesses, with 20% …

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