Community Engagement Websites

Pipeline construction with ditch and crane

Big projects need all stakeholders onboard. So how do you reach out to members of the public and civil society? What is the best way to approach local representatives and campaign groups? A clear website with up to date information is a great place to start. I’m Interested Who Is This For? Types of Organizations …

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Give your WordPress website some TLC this Valentine’s

Every WordPress website needs tender loving care, to keep up with the latest versions of software, new browsers & devices and the latest security patches. To give your users the best experience possible, make sure your website gets the TLC it deserves with our checklist below: The Silicon Dales WordPress TLC Checklist Backup your website. Update to …

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Why Do Directories / Agents Outrank My Website?

This is another of those SEO questions which we get asked periodically by our business customers, here at Silicon Dales. While the question is not always the same, it goes something like this: “Why do directories outrank our site?” or “Why do all these agency websites beat us in Google?” The short answer to this …

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