How to Make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails Work

How to Make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails Work featured image

If you’re recently installed WordPress onto a new server (we do this a lot on Amazon EC2 instances of varying sizes) and you notice that your image uploads aren’t auto-thumbnailing (when WordPress “crunches” your images into “thumbnail” “medium” and “large” sizes for use throughout your website) then chances are your server doesn’t have the GD […]

Silicon Dales New Website December 2017

Silicon Dales New Website December 2017 featured image

Silicon Dales has a new website. The focus during this re-build was on clarity and speed. We want potential clients and search engines to know what we do, as quickly as possible. What’s new? A new homepage condenses all our service information down to four main client pinch-points: “Build me a full WordPress website” “I’d […]

Allow HTTPS on Amazon EC2

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If you have recently setup an Amazon EC2 instance and would like to configure access to Port 443 (HTTPS:// traffic) on your new instance, there are a few things you should do. First Step – Allow Port 443 in your Security Group Firstly, you need to tell your EC2 instance that it is allowed to […]

Installing the GD Library

Because I just posted this description in the post I wrote on how to make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails work, I thought I would also post those instructions straight up as a pointer for anyone out there who is looking for the command required to install the GD Library in their LAMP setup, so here it is: […]

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