Big WordPress Problem – Slow WP Admin / Uncached Pageloads Slow

WordPress logo greyscale on a green background

Some problems are first world problems. Other problems are big WordPress problems. Slow WordPress Admin? Slow uncached pageloads? We deal with some big WordPress customers, and often their sites can become slow. There’s sometimes a myth floating around that “WordPress doesn’t scale” or, more specifically, that “WooCommerce doesn’t scale” but there’s a reason I call …

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Case Study: One-off Big Traffic Optimization for Fairyloot

Fairy Loot booked Silicon Dales to optimize their WooCommerce site for their monthly subscription sign-up, which sees a huge traffic spike over the the course of a few hours. The Client Here at FairyLoot, Young Adult fiction is our forte, and we want each and every one of our boxes to be a special experience …

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