Cloudways Voucher Code – a 20% off Coupon from Silicon Dales

Cloud with 20% off sign

Remember when we told you about our favourite WooCommerce hosts, and we mentioned a service called Cloudways, which gives low cost all-but-instant access to managed cloud hosting which doesn’t cost the Earth, and doesn’t require a sysadmin on your payroll? Maybe you don’t. Don’t worry, the important thing is: we have scored ourselves a unique …

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How to setup WordPress & WooCommerce on AWS using Cloudways

This guide is intended to show how to setup a WordPress and WooCommerce installation on Cloudways (a managed cloud hosting panel, which does most of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to setting up all the necessary components to run a cloud hosted web application). It contains our Cloudways referal link and also there’s our …

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Save £75 on Jetpack Pro with our Holidays Voucher Code!

Silicon Dales have partnered with Automattic in relation to, Jetpack and WooCommerce. This means we are affiliates for the products and services provided – please note, for full disclosure, this does mean we are paid commissions for referring sales to Jetpack, and WooCommerce. Jetpack (and also have provided an awesome special offer …

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Cloudways Summer Voucher Code – 30% off

Our favourite WooCommerce hosts, Cloudways, are now offering a summer sizzler – 30% off for 2 months: Code: SCALEINSUMMER Valid until: 8th July 2019 Use code You can read more about how to use your voucher code in Cloudways here. You can also read about why Cloudways is our favourite WooCommerce host here.

Cloudways Easter Voucher Code

Cloudways has an offer happening over Easter 2018, which will get new customers 20% off their first three invoices (i.e. 20% off for three months). What’s The Deal? 20% off your first three Cloudways invoices for anyone who uses this promotional code. This offer is only open to customers who: Visit Cloudways, here; Signup a …

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