How to Make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails Work

How to Make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails Work featured image

If you’re recently installed WordPress onto a new server (we do this a lot on Amazon EC2 instances of varying sizes) and you notice that your image uploads aren’t auto-thumbnailing (when WordPress “crunches” your images into “thumbnail” “medium” and “large” sizes for use throughout your website) then chances are your server doesn’t have the GD […]

Installing PHP SOAP – Need soapclient?

Installing PHP SOAP – Need soapclient? featured image

If you need SOAP in your PHP applications, and you have a system which doesn’t currently contain the correct tools, like an AWS EC2 instance you’ve just installed, you could be looking for the simple command you need in order to install PHP soap. The following Yum command will do just that on Centos / […]

How to Update Linux on Amazon EC2 with Yum

It’s really quite straightforward to update your Amazon EC2 instance to the latest versions: Login with your secure key via your terminal window; then Type “Sudo -i” and hit enter Type “yum update” and hit enter Hit “Y” to agree to the updates Wait for the software to carry out the update. That’s it! The […]

Installing the GD Library

Because I just posted this description in the post I wrote on how to make WordPress Auto-Thumbnails work, I thought I would also post those instructions straight up as a pointer for anyone out there who is looking for the command required to install the GD Library in their LAMP setup, so here it is: […]

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