Fix Master Sync Disabled in Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, s6 or s7

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This is an update of an old post, which people still visit regularly, where I described how to get the Facebook / Gmail / email and other sync to be enabled – or disabled – in one button click across your whole phone.

But the User Interface (UI) (really this is a nerdy way to describe the screen you look at on your phone) has changed a little over the years, and this now looks a little different!

How to Fix “Master Sync Disabled”

AKA How to Turn on/off Sync on your Samsung Galaxy

  1. Pull down your phone menu by sliding your finger from the top of the screen;
  2. At the very top right, you should see a downward pointing arrow, which looks a bit like \/
  3. Click that \/ symbol!
  4. This will reveal options, one of which is “Sync” (usually near the end / bottom of the list) click to enable / disable your sync as required.

Normally, lit up (blue) = turned on, while greyed out = turned off.

This can help you setup / fix syncing across many apps which use sync, such as Gmail, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Twitter, eBay and more! Its a great way to turn off your sync notifications on an evening, or if you’re just busy (or in an exam or meeting) for a short while, without actually turning your phone off.

Leave a comment below if this works – or doesn’t work – for you!

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