Fix Master Sync Disabled in Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, s6 or s7

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This is an update of an old post, which people still visit regularly, where I described how to get the Facebook / Gmail / email and other sync to be enabled – or disabled – in one button click across your whole phone.

But the User Interface (UI) (really this is a nerdy way to describe the screen you look at on your phone) has changed a little over the years, and this now looks a little different!

How to Fix “Master Sync Disabled”

AKA How to Turn on/off Sync on your Samsung Galaxy

  1. Pull down your phone menu by sliding your finger from the top of the screen;
  2. At the very top right, you should see a downward pointing arrow, which looks a bit like \/
  3. Click that \/ symbol!
  4. This will reveal options, one of which is “Sync” (usually near the end / bottom of the list) click to enable / disable your sync as required.

Normally, lit up (blue) = turned on, while greyed out = turned off.

This can help you setup / fix syncing across many apps which use sync, such as Gmail, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Slack, Twitter, eBay and more! Its a great way to turn off your sync notifications on an evening, or if you’re just busy (or in an exam or meeting) for a short while, without actually turning your phone off.

Leave a comment below if this works – or doesn’t work – for you!

6 Comments on “Fix Master Sync Disabled in Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, s6 or s7”

  1. its not working..i have turned on sync by this method..but still not working…it shows your master sync is disabled.

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