Adding Your Silicon Dales Google Apps / Gmail Account to an Android Smartphone

If you’re a lucky client who has signed up for the excellent Google Apps (including Gmail for domains) with Silicon Dales (details here), then you’ll be able to sync your Android smartphone, whether its a HTC, Samsung Galaxy s5 or whatever, using the simple steps indicated below.

Most Android handsets will come pre-loaded with the Gmail app. You can use this to access your Silicon Dales Google Apps email account!

But adding a new / existing email account through Google to your Android smartphone is not necessarily the easiest operation you’ve ever performed (as with many things Android – owing to the huge range of options).

Step-by-Step – Adding a New Google Apps / Gmail Account to your Android Smartphone

  1. Navigate to your Settings page (in “Apps” it looks like a cog)
  2. At the top, select “Accounts”
  3. In the list that appears, the bottom option should say “Add Account” – click that
  4. In the options which display, select “Google” – your Silicon Dales Google Apps account IS a Google account!
  5. In the “Add a Google Account” options part, select “Existing” – this is an already existing account you’re looking to connect to.
  6. Use the email / password for your account…
  7. That’s it – you’re done – navigate to the Gmail app and you’ll find your account in there.

Then, simply setup the syncing options and etc as you wish and you’ll be emailing from and to your smartphone. Try not to do too much work in your free time 😉

Leave a comment below if this worked – or didn’t – for you. We like to know where we’re helping. If the instructions could be cleaer, tell us! Feedback is appreciated.

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