How to remove Google account from Samsung Galaxy s4

I recently recycled (read dug out of retirement for second phone use!) a Samsung Galaxy s4, and I wanted to remove a heap of old Google accounts, but, having updated Android, the option was nowhere to be seen.

It took me a long time to figure out how to do this, so I’m posting here for anyone stuck in a similar situation.

To remove a Google Account from Samsung Galaxy s4

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click “Accounts”
  3. Select “Google” (you probably already did this, but bear with me!)
  4. Click the account you want to remove – it will show you sync options, but no remove button in sight…
  5. Bottom left of your phone, next to the main button, there’s a menu button (opposite side to the “back” button) – hit this
  6. This will reveal 2 options, one of which is “Remove account” – hit this
  7. A confirm screen pops up – confirm that you really want to remove the account… and wait
  8. Its gone!

Please leave a comment below if this helped you today. After it took me around 2 months, I suspect you might have been looking a while for this setting!

56 thoughts on “How to remove Google account from Samsung Galaxy s4”

  1. Spent ages attempting to remove old Google account from phone. Couldn’t find it anywhere, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! Apparently even Google doesn’t know how to remove an account. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure it out and what Google says to do ain’t worth a shit!! Thanks man!

  3. Thanks! Instructions all over the Internet are wrong. Even from Google itself. What’s the matter with that? Thank you, my hero.

  4. Thank you very much. I a returning an old handset for a small refund against the cost of a new phone and their instructions to remove accounts was not complete. You have saved me hours of research!

    Thanks again, Clive

  5. thank you. These things seem to be made deliberatly obscure. Maybe not. Maybe just oversights. But thank you for making it clear. I would never have copped that myself

  6. Thank you!! I was getting soo frustrated, I was close to giving up then I saw your note and it worked! I compared it to the exclamation mark you get in your car but you just ignore it. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Thanks again!!!

  7. My wife’s email (POP) on her PC stopped working so I changed the password and got locked out because her tablet and smartphone (IMAP) were trying to sync her inbox. Every time I changed the password this happened until I realized that other devices were causing the problem by pounding in the old password so I tried to delete her email account on her Galaxy S4 and was ready to take the battery out of it when I found your post. All the other posts I found said to tap ‘remove account’ and none even suggested that you need to use the left button to find. Thank-you again for saving my sanity.

  8. I literally spent 2 hours trying to do this. All the youtube videos and instructions online showed how easy it was to find the remove button that I did not have. Thanks!

  9. Can’t tell you how much you got me out of a hole! This was driving me mad. What a convoluted way to do this – so non-intuitive. Thanks for posting.


  10. Thank you very much. God, dang it. The use of “menu button” is not intuitive. Even with 10 years of IT support experience, I was frustrated. LOL.

  11. Fantastic instructions–I’m pretty tekkie, but I wouldn’t have figured that out. I have closed google, FB, twitter, linkedin and skype. I only use telegram I felt it was time to draw the line in the sand and say no more to these corporate psychopaths.

    I intend you well in all your endeavors and once again, thanks for the precise instructions–worked perfectly!!!

    Wanna see what our future can look like–check out the website below.

    Love ya!

  12. Thank you so much!! Seriously, what’s wrong with them making it so difficult?! Your instructions were perfect and greatly appreciated.

  13. Thanks! worked for me in 2023! 🙂 dug out old Samsung S4 and was frustrated with a no longer existing Gmail account sync error splashed across the top of my screen.
    Simple once you know:)

  14. I spent weeks looking for a solution getting more and more frustrated and now with few seconds I resolve! Thank you so much. Alberto from Italy


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