Samsung Galaxy s4 LED Light Won’t Go Off! How to Fix it?

If you use the Samsung Galaxy s4, or another version of this popular smartphone handset (s2, s3, s4, s5 etc etc!) you might have become confounded by a strange problem, in that the LED light at the top won’t go off. It might be green. It might be blue, or red, or orange, but, even when the phone is switched off, it just stays on, full bright, burning your precious battery life!?!

What causes this?

Its not clear. Some people think it is caused by moisture under the cover somewhere. Other people think it “just happens”. I’m not so sure. It might be “some setting” somewhere which nobody can easily find (leave a comment below if you know for certain!).

How to Fix This – and get the LED to go Off?!

The fix that worked for me was to download, install and run the application called Light Flow from Google Play, and configure this to turn off the LED light except in certain circumstances. I chose pretty much none. I never use the LED light. So I turned it off most of the time. This worked for me. It should for you.


  1. Visit Google Play and download “Light Flow”
  2. Install and run the program
  3. Toggle the settings until the LED goes off.
  4. Done!

Did this work? Leave a comment

Leave a comment below if this worked – or didn’t work – for you. Describe your problem, and what happened.

27 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy s4 LED Light Won’t Go Off! How to Fix it?”

  1. This issue happened to my phone today. Even after the battery hits 0% and the phone turns off, the green light still stays lit. I’ve tried downloading Light Flow and have been trying out the settings for over an hour now, and still not fixed.

  2. Having this issue since yesterday, the LED indicator of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been glowing red light the whole time, and there is no missed notification, charging, motion sensor activate, lightflow app installed or modification, battery level low issues and so forth. It’s just glowing red until I remove the battery from the device, but the red light will turn on again once I put back in the battery into the device, whenever the phone is turn on or off.

  3. I fixed this issue on my S3 by uninstalling the Twitter app and then re-loading it. I then turned off most of the twitter notifications and also the LED light notification feature of the app.

  4. Hi, my phone got kinda wet today.

    It was in my bag by the sea and a wave got it wet. I dried it etc. The phone screen was working ok and some green casts appeared.

    One thing I noticed was that the notification led was changing colors like a rainbow.

    I Turned off removed the battery. Dried it again etc. and now I get a constant blue light.

    So, yeah it could be from moisture.

    • We think it might be moisture related too, in some cases, as it happened to mine with Light Flow installed after it was in a pocket in heavy rain (Galaxy s4). Am now on Galaxy s6, which is quite a different build.

  5. Hey guy.. a little late to the party here. But I just got the blue led thing. Came on after I upgraded the s4 to 5.0.1. Is there a guaranteed solution? Tried Light view but it’s still there. What exactly am I supposed to do in the light view app?

  6. please help how to turn on led notification blink when
    screen is On?
    How to turn on Led blink notification in screen On not in off screen.

  7. Boot the phone in safe mode (press and hold the volume down button whilst the phone is starting up), then restart it as normal. Worked for me.

  8. My S4 (two years old) was sitting on the shelf with 60% battery left when I noticed the blue light was on (not blinking – no notifications etc) The phone would not respond to anything. I pressed the on button for about 30 seconds but nothing. I then plugged in the charger and long pressed the on button and it re-booted. No probs after that. I then turned it completely off until fully charged and it is now working properly.

  9. Blue LED constantly flashing without reason, Green LED stays on after charging – turned off LED Indicator turned back on after minutes, seems to have worked though yet to see what happens after next charge

  10. This happened to me this morning. Woke up and the LED was solid, and phone would not power on.
    I popped the battery out and back in, and all was well.

  11. My note 2 battery red light wont go off….only when ibtake the battery out it goes off bit soon as the battery goes back in it come s on back. What can I do?

  12. Just chiming in, my LED was glowing purple even when off so I took off the cover and removed the battery in hopes of allowing it to dry. That when I noticed my memory card was loose/dislodged. Pushed it back in and restarted the phone and the light was off!


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