How to Update Linux on Amazon EC2 with Yum

It’s really quite straightforward to update your Amazon EC2 instance to the latest versions:

  1. Login with your secure key via your terminal window; then
  2. Type “Sudo -i” and hit enter
  3. Type “yum update” and hit enter
  4. Hit “Y” to agree to the updates
  5. Wait for the software to carry out the update.
  6. That’s it!

The time the above takes depends upon what you have installed, and how recently you updated, and, usually, whether or not the kernel itself needs an update.

This is just one of a multitude of regular maintenance tasks that Silicon Dales performs for Enterprise clients using our fully managed cloud hosting under our Monthly Maintenance Packages.

If you have any trouble performing the above task for your own hosting account, please feel free to leave a public comment below.

1 thought on “How to Update Linux on Amazon EC2 with Yum”

  1. Please note that updating can sometimes cause compatibility problems with your software systems and web applications – so be prepared to check and troubleshoot after updating, and check for known compatibility issues before updating.


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