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Okay, so you’ve seen our products and services, and you’ve decided that you want to go it alone and build your own business website.

Where do you get started? Here, that’s where!

This guide will describe to you absolutely how, from start to finish, you can build your own business website using WordPress, a Premium Theme, and web hosting from Silicon Dales.

What You Will Be Likely to Pay For

Wherever you make and host your website, if it is well managed and well hosted, you are going to have to pay something for:

Why do we recommend premium themes, rather than free ones? The clue is in the title of this website: you are creating a business website, not a personal or free website. The quality afforded by premium themes is always going to be much higher than that offered by free themes. Also, in purchasing, you acquire licences to do things like remove credits (easily) and etc.

At Silicon Dales, we install, develop, and customise premium WordPress themes on behalf of our clients all the time. Our portfolio displays some of the types of results you can expect to achieve with a well setup premium theme.

Domain Registration

We recommend Namecheap for your domain registrations, and, generally speaking, we recommend to clients, however they intend to host their website, that they register domains themselves (rather than passing onto a web designer or developer to register their domain on their behalf). This allows you to retain control. Despite it not being best practice (i.e. we don’t do it), a lot of web designers will register your business domain using their contact details, making it difficult, if not impossible, to transfer away if your host becomes difficult to contact.

Click here to visit Namecheap and register a domain today (opens in a new window or tab).

Expect to pay up to £10 per year – or more for the less common TLDs. We like .com and the best for UK companies.

Web Hosting

At Silicon Dales, we have a really good web hosting offer for self-hosted clients. Its £10 (plus VAT) per month. Click here for the details (in a new window).

Alternatively, choose a cheap, off the shelf, provider, but, if you are installing WordPress, be sure that your hosting includes sufficient settings to drive this properly. Also watch out for cheaper shared hosting providers who pile hundreds of sites onto the same machine: this can severely impact your website when other domains get busy, and chew up the machine’s RAM. You gets what you pays for!

Note – want email? Pay a little more for Google Apps – we are Google Apps resellers and can install for you – you won’t regret it, as it works superbly on smartphones, and has excellent spam filters. Furthermore, the collaborative tools, like Google Docs (Google Drive) allow you to create and store documents in the cloud, share calendars, and much more, on the fly. You may never need to use another software again. We don’t!

Click here to find out about our 100GB Busines Web Hosting.

Installing WordPress

If you take up our hosting account, there are 1 click installs of WordPress all ready to go. If you didn’t, simply follow the process listed here to get WordPress installed and up and running at your new hosting environment. When you are ready, install a beautiful theme, below.

Premium Themes

There are heaps of good premium themes for WordPress over at ThemeForest, which we regularly purchase on behalf of clients and configurate the bejesus out of on their behalf.

Click here to browse WordPress Themes at ThemeForest.

Once you’ve purchased your premium theme, you should download and follow the installation instructions.

Got Problems? Hire Silicon Dales

We regularly install premium themes on behalf of our clients, so if you are stuck with any element, just contact us and we can perform a fast installation / issue resolution at our usual hourly rate. Worth it if you are losing your mind and patience!

Leave a comment below or contact us today if you’ve questions about your self-hosted business website you’d like us to take a look at.

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