Add a G Suite Group address as an email account you can “Send From”

Add a G Suite Group address as an email account you can “Send From” featured image

If you have recently added a G Suite group account to receive mail either internally, or from the internet, some of which comes in to your inbox, and you’d like to be able to “send as” this address from time-to-time, then the instructions below will allow you to do just that.

Add a G Suite Group address as an account your can “Send From”

  1. Login to your G Suite account in the mail program – at
  2. Click the cog at the top right
  3. Select settings
  4. Click the “Accounts” tab (usually 4th along from the left)
  5. Under “Send mail as:” select “Add another email address”
  6. In the screen which pops up, type the name you want to display to recipients in the top box, and the email address of the group below.
  7. TICK “Treat as an alias” if you want to “send as” this email and also receive the mail to this inbox – UNTICK if you don’t need to receive the mail to this inbox, or only “send as” this address.
  8. Hit “Next Step”
  9. You’ll see a message like “before you can send.. we need to verify” – hit “Send Verification” and you will receive a short code by email.
  10. Go to your inbox, open the verification message, get the code, copy it, and go back to the popup box and past it in there, before hitting “Verify”

Success! Your new email should be available to “send mail as”.

Where does this display?

In your web mail, this is available as a drop-down select next to “From” when you compose a new email.

Other notes

There’s a slightly different process to add to mobile, depending on your device. See here for more info.

Gmail is smart enough to recognise when you received mail to the “group” email address, so that when you reply this is the address you are sending from. But do check that its correct before sending!

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