How to make virtual reality videos using G Suite

Virtual Reality Headset

G Suite offers the ability to upload and using virtual reality and augmented reality videos through associated Youtube accounts.

Youtube has a full tutorial for the requirements and a special way to save the VR video file here:

The videos will then show within your normal Youtube channel associated with your G Suite account. These can then be viewed using Daydream View (on a supported phone), Google Cardboard or a Playstation VR.

Use Cases

Virtual Reality can be a great time saver for companies, especially for site visits, office tours and health & safety tutorials. Making an augmented reality video can help with onboarding new employees or showing an overseas client how a new building or capital project looks in-person.

Get a VR Video account

Youtube offers support for corporate VR videos out-of-the-box with G Suite accounts. Get your employees making and uploading VR video today by booking a G Suite deployment with Silicon Dales.

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