How to skip inbox for mail sent to a Groups or Alias address in Gmail or G Suite

How to skip inbox for mail sent to a Groups or Alias address in Gmail or G Suite featured image

If you have successfully added an email group or alias to your G Suite mail account, like if you have a special promotion running with its own address, or if a colleague left and you wanted to still receive anything sent their way in future, then perhaps you don’t want all this mail cluttering up your usual day to day inbox?

Whatever the reasoning, if you’d like mail you receive which is sent to “another” address other than your usual address to miss your inbox, then one great way to keep this out of your inbox (including on your connected devices!) is to setup and use a Mail Filter.

How to filter mail sent to a Groups or Alias address in Gmail or G Suite to skip inbox and apply a mail label

  1. Login to your Google Mail account – at
  2. Click the cog at the top right
  3. Hit Settings
  4. Select the tab for “Filters and blocked addresses” (which is often the fifth tab from the left)
  5. Click “Create a new Filter” which shows below the list of currently active mail filters – this will popup an input
  6. Under the “To” box enter the full email address like “” without the quotes and click “Create a filter with this search”
  7. Select the “Skip the inbox” option
  8. Select the “Apply the label” option and either select or create a new mail label to be applied (so you can fins all this mail in the left menu easily).
  9. Click “Create filter” – NOTE if you already have mail which matches this, you can select the “also apply filter to X matching conversations.” part, and this will do what it says: run the filter on your current inbox, thereby filing all relevant mail to the correct place!

Success! This will make all this mail move out of your inbox, allowing you to focus on it at the time of your choosing.

Additional points

After doing this, you won’t be notified of new mail when it lands, in your mobile or other connected devices. So that may be a good thing or a bad thing for you! In many cases, this is the very reason to skip the inbox with such messages, but note you will need to check this mail folder for messages “manually” as they’ll be moving there “silently” as time goes by.

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