Fix Very Slow Google Chrome Problem: by Disabling Hardware Acceleration

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Have you experienced very slow, laggy, jolty, page loading or other very slow experiences in Google Chrome on some computer, even though your internet speed is fast enough, and even when Chrome on some other computer rocks along just fine?

This can sometimes happen with Chrome browser, and troubleshooting how and why is a set of steps, much like finding lost keys, which ends when you get to the solution.

One step which can work is disabling hardware acceleration. It might equally not fix your underlying issue, but try it!

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome Browser

1) Close all Google Chrome windows and tabs and just have one tab open.
2) Type “chrome:settings” into the browser bar
3) Click Advanced Settings
4) Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available” (under the heading “System”)
5) Close Chrome and open it again.

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