Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs

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Have you ever been on Google Docs and wondered “isn’t there some shortcut key for that?!?”

Quite often, there is. Below are many of the popular keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs. Hint: you can find these while you are in Google Docs by pressing ctrl + / (on Windows) and obtain the full list.

But in case you were Googling around for a precise shortcut, and in order that you might land here and learn of that full list, below it is reproduced for your knowledge…

Popular keyboard shortcuts (Windows users)

Text formatting

Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Strikethrough Alt+Shift+5
Superscript Ctrl+.
Subscript Ctrl+,
Clear formatting Ctrl+\ or Ctrl+Space

Paragraph formatting

Apply ‘Normal text’ Ctrl+Alt+0 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-0
Apply ‘Heading 1’ Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-1
Apply ‘Heading 2’ Ctrl+Alt+2 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-2
Apply ‘Heading 3’ Ctrl+Alt+3 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-3
Apply ‘Heading 4’ Ctrl+Alt+4 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-4
Apply ‘Heading 5’ Ctrl+Alt+5 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-5
Apply ‘Heading 6’ Ctrl+Alt+6 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-6
Left align text Ctrl+Shift+L
Center align text Ctrl+Shift+E
Right align text Ctrl+Shift+R
Justify text Ctrl+Shift+J
Toggle numbered list Ctrl+Shift+7
Toggle bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+8

With objects

Resize larger Ctrl+Alt+K
Resize smaller Ctrl+Alt+J


Insert link… Ctrl+K
Find… Ctrl+F
Find and replace… Ctrl+H
Define word Ctrl+Shift+Y
Copy formatting Ctrl+Alt+C
Paste formatting Ctrl+Alt+V
Switch to editing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z
Switch to suggesting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
Switch to viewing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C


Chat Shift+Esc
Insert or move to header Ctrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+H
Insert or move to footer Ctrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+F
Insert footnote Ctrl+Alt+F
Move to next heading Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+H
Move to previous heading Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+H
Move to next heading 1 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+1
Move to previous heading 1 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+1
Move to next heading 2 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+2
Move to previous heading 2 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+2
Move to next heading 3 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+3
Move to previous heading 3 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+3
Move to next heading 4 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+4
Move to previous heading 4 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+4
Move to next heading 5 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+5
Move to previous heading 5 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+5
Move to next heading 6 Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+6
Move to previous heading 6 Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+6
Move into current footnote Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+F
Move to next misspelling Ctrl+’
Move to previous misspelling Ctrl+;
Research Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I


File menu Alt+Shift+F
Edit menu Alt+Shift+E
View menu Alt+Shift+V
Insert menu Alt+Shift+I
Format menu Alt+Shift+O
Tools menu Alt+Shift+T
Add-ons menu Alt+Shift+N
Count words Ctrl+Shift+C
Table menu Alt+Shift+B
Help menu Alt+Shift+H
Context menu Ctrl+Shift+\ or Ctrl+Shift+X


Add comment Ctrl+Alt+M
Open comments thread… Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Enter current comment Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to next comment Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+C
Move to previous comment Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+C

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