Google Workspace Enterprise Available Through Silicon Dales

We have big news for Google Workspace customers old and new: Silicon Dales are resellers of the Google Workspace Enterprise product through our partnership with Google Cloud.

What’s Google Workspace Enterprise?

First up, an explanation of what Google Workspace is: Google Workspace is what used to be called Google Apps for Business. Its essentially all the Google goodies, rolled into a business account, and with management tools designed for businesses – not personal Gmail account – i.e. with staff members (or seats) which can be added and removed. It can handle pretty much every element of your business’ everyday IT needs.

Google Workspace Enterprise is an extended and “more complicated” version of Google Workspace for large and enterprise businesses. Its got more features. Its got enterprise grade elements, which are required by businesses which are much larger, like data analysis across thousands of workers, for example. In short, its a mega power up for the biggest companies (like Stripe) who want additional security, reliability and data analysis (among other things).

Silicon Dales are Authorised Resellers

Silicon Dales resell Google Workspace to clients. We provide a support, integration layer over the top of Google’s excellent offering here. This means we learn your business, and we help you to deliver a seamless launch. We are also here month-to-month to support your users with the packages, and making the most of the many and various elements of Google Workspace for your specific business. We can add email accounts (or seats) to your plan, at the click of a button, making your IT department’s life easier: they don’t need to learn the cloud. We already know how this stuff works. They just book through the services as they become requested by your various departments!

Get Google’s Google Workspace for your Business Here – fully managed or 20% off.

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