IMAP Settings for Gmail Accounts

Are you looking to connect up to a business Gmail or normal Gmail account via IMAP and wanted to find the settings?

Below you’ll find exactly this.

Before getting started – allow IMAP for your Gmail account

First, you need to allow IMAP for your Gmail account. Without completing this step, the information you collect below will most likely not work for your Gmail account. To do this, you need to:

  1. Login to your Gmail or Google Workspace account and visit
  2. Hit the Gear (cog) symbol at the top right and click “settings”
  3. Select the “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” tab (its usually the sixth one along the row at the top)
  4. Scroll down to the IMAP settings and select “enable IMAP” (you can also make your settings change here too as required)
  5. Click “Save Changes” (which will be greyed out unless you actually change something)

Gmail IMAP Settings

Assuming IMAP is enabled in your Gmail, then the following will work to connect up.

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server – Requires SSL
Port: 993
Requires SSL:Yes

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server – requires SSL:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – Requires TLS or SSL
Port: 465 or 587
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires authentication: Yes
Use same settings as incoming mail server

Full Name or Display Name: [your name]
Account Name or User Name: your full Gmail address (user… Google Workspace users, please enter user…
Email address: your full Gmail address (user… Google Suite users, please enter user…
Password: your Gmail password

Troubleshooting – SMTP

Try switching your port if you’re having trouble sending, from 465 to 587 (or vice versa) also check your SSL / TLS settings are set to “required”.

Our recommendation for Apple / Android Devices

We recommend you don’t use your device’s built in “Mail” program to connect to Gmail or Google Apps, but instead use the Gmail app, which is available in Android from Google Play, or IOS from the AppStore. This should “just work” by logging into your Google account with your username (full email address) and password, and avoid a lot of connectivity issues in the process.

Let us manage your business Google Workspace accounts

If you’d like support of pro level users to manage your business Google Workspace accounts, please see our Google Workspace service page here.

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