Google Apps Free Usage Tier No Longer Available

We’ve been telling clients for some time that Google Apps (in principle, Gmail for domains) would likely remove it’s free service, as it looks to monetise this service further.

When first launched, Google Apps offered a free service for up to 50 email addresses. Our business, and many of our early clients, were able to take advantage of this excellent product offering. Around 18 months ago, Google reduced the number of free email addresses to just 10 under the Google Apps free product.

On the weekend, we received notifications that Google Apps is no longer available under the free tier to new domains – effective immediately.

This doesn’t mean any business already using Google Apps will lose it’s email, though. This will continue. It does mean that new domains won’t be able to take advantage of Google’s free tier any longer.

What This Mean for Silicon Dales Clients

Because we offered this service to our business clients on basic packages – as an entry-level email product – it will mean that we have to evaluate the email installation we provide to any future basic business clients.

Also, any clients considering a proposal who have yet to sign will no longer be able to take advantage of this element (if mentioned in a proposal). Email from Google Apps for Business costs $5 per address per month, though there are enhanced storage limits.

Any clients already setup on Google Apps for domains will notice no changes – everything will remain the same!

Any Alternatives to Google Apps?

There are a number of alternative services, including managed email packages from Silicon Dales. Our packages which were based on Google Apps will still be available, though we will pass on the increased cost from Google’s recent change.

Most quality non Silicon Dales hosting accounts come with bundled email packages by default – it may be worth considering this when weighing up your options.

UPDATE Google Apps is now Google Workspace – and Silicon Dales are resellers!

Since posting this item, in 2012, Silicon Dales became authorised resellers of Google Apps in 2013. We still are resellers today, though the product is now called Google Workspace, which better reflects the full “suite” of options you get with a business Google Workspace account. Its way way more than just Gmail for Business (though this, in itself, is an absolutely world class product).

If you’d like to look at moving to Google Workspace – or you want Silicon Dales to maintain your company’s Google Workspace infrastructure.

Get Google’s Google Workspace for your Business Here – fully managed or 20% off.

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  1. In addition to this, we are now Google Apps for Business re-sellers, as we have delivered excellent results for clients utilising Google’s Gmail infrastructure for their businesses.


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