How to edit my business on Google

Have you got a Google Business listing showing up in Maps or in the right hand side of Google searches, and you’re wondering how to make an edit?

Maybe your company name, address, phone number, web address, opening hours or some other detail has changed, and now dang it you just can’t remember how you listed it up in the first place, let alone where to make that all important edit.

Worry not, the tutorial below will help you to get your business listing up-to-date with your most current and accurate information.

Edit your business information on Google

If your business is a verified listing in Google, then you’ll be able to update it by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business – here – using your Google account (try to use the one you would have signed up with originally)
  2. Select the “location” by clicking on it
  3. In the page which then shows up, select “Info” the option third down, and then you should see a page where you can edit any information, by clicking the pencil icon.

To edit the business address

Edit the relevant part – but note, you maybe wish to “transfer” or “close” the location back on the locations page. If you’re adding a new location, do that instead (don’t edit another location – if you have multiple offices or premises, list them each under locations).

Accept Pending Updates

In this page, you should also see in yellow updates Google is suggesting from its own work, or as suggestions for users. If you’d like to accept these, click “accept”. You should then see a message which looks like this:

As it says above… allow 3 days for the new changes to kick in.

If you’re not the verified owner

Note you may first need to “claim” and “verify” your connection to this business, if it is not currently in your Google account. That process may also take a few days.

If you’d like help with that process, leave a comment below with details on where you’re getting stuck, and we’ll update this tutorial to help others like you in future.

Contact Silicon Dales if you’d like us to manage your search appearance, or your Google Workspace business generally – professional users to manage your services and search appearance.

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