Tutorial: How To Enable POP3 in Gmail & Collect in a New Google Workspace Account

If you already use Gmail but have recently switched to using Google Workspace for your business, you may want to collect all your old Gmail email and have that sent to your new account.

This is possible using the tutorial below, which describes the two steps involved in getting this working.

In this example, I am going to use oldaccount@gmail.com as the example old email account and example@24hourtrading.co.uk (our former parent business, which had a full Google Apps setup).

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STEP ONE – Allow POP Access in Old Gmail Account

  1. Login into your oldaccount@gmail.com at mail.google.com
  2. Click the cog at the top right, then click Settings
  3. Click on the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab
  4. Click Enable POP for All Mail and leave a copy on the server
  5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom

NOTE – if you are accessing this email from a new computer or location, when you first login, visiting this link can help for adding a new application.

STEP TWO – Collecting Email via POP3 From Your New Gmail Account

  1. Login to your new Gmail account at mail.gmail.com
  2. Click the little cog and then Settings
  3. Click the “Accounts” tab
  4. Next to “check mail from other accounts you own” click “Add a POP3 mail account you own”
  5. Enter your oldaccount@gmail.com address, and hit Next Step
  6. IMPORTANT – make sure your username is the full oldaccount@gmail.com address
  7. Enter your password
  8. Make sure “Always use a secure connection…” is ticked
  9. Click Add Account
  10. The next screen will ask if you want to be able to “send as” your old account. Answer “yes” or “no” (you can change your mind later – so if in doubt, say no!)
  11. If it has working, it will begin collecting your old email.

This could take a little time if you have a lot of mail, as Google collects a few at a time. Leave it an hour or two and you’ll find all your old mail, if everything worked right.

NOTE – you might want to visit this link if you are accessing your Gmail from a new location or application for the first time.

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