Plesk Tutorial – Export all Domains to CSV

We manage a few dedicated servers running multiple WordPress installations on behalf of clients, and in several cases it is expedient and user friendly for us to do this using the Parallels Plesk product.

Plesk has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and Plesk Onyx shows where effort has really been made, with viable support for (among other things) Git, Let’s Encrypt, and Node.js to name a few things I routinely make use of on my Plesk installs.

So, this tutorial describes how another Plesk extension can be used to get something that can be really useful to a Plesk admin with a full roster of sites on his or her install: exporting domains (and other things) to CSV.

How to Export Domains (and other things) to CSV in Plesk Onyx

The tutorial for this is very simple:

  1. Login to Plesk Admin (ideally you have the latest version of Plesk Onyx installed, btw)
  2. Click on “Extensions”
  3. Search for “Export lists to CSV” extension (it is this one)
  4. Install this extension
  5. Done!

To actually grab your export

Then, you’ll want to actually export a list of some kind to CSV – there’s a helpful icon on any page where this is possible, which looks like this:

The above is on the “domains” page view.

To export a list of all domains, select “all” in view (next to the 10, 25, 100!), then, select all the domains, and hit this little X button, and you should see the csv being downloaded.

One Click!



Leave a comment if it didn’t work

Any troubles? Went off without a hitch? Maybe something moved since this was posted? Leave a comment below about your experience!

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