Leyburn Business & Economy Links: DMOZ

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Back when the internet was first coming to popular attention – in the olden days (c. 1996-1999) – people used things called “directories” to allow them to find things on the internet.

These directories were how people discovered new (to them) websites, in many cases.

Directory links, therefore, were always considered important by ordinary people, and, as a result, by the search engines who wanted to discover ways of finding out what things were about what, and how important websites were.

DMOZ was an early directory, which was free, and, importantly, human edited. Those DMOZ editors could be quite strict about what they let through. They still are. They seek to keep the directory relevant and useful. Because of this, DMOZ is a highly regarded directory still (Google uses it to create its own directory, as do thousands of other websites) and links from there are worth having.

There’s a page about Leyburn Business & Economy in DMOZ. We’re in there. Some other good local businesses are, too, including Bolton Estate (a fantastic local Silicon Dales customer) and local estate agents, J.R. Hoppers, to name just two.

If you’re serious about search (as we are) you’ll find a relevant place in DMOZ, and send your link through using the suggest URL page.

So that’s today’s tip – check DMOZ for your website’s URL. If you are not in there, consider where you should be listed, and get yourself submitted. Then forget about it. It can take months and months to be listed!

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