Using coupons on your e-commerce store – more than just discounts

Depending on where you live in the world, “couponing” is popular.

In the USA, using a coupon to purchase a product or service is a normal way of shopping. Elsewhere around the world they may be known as promotional codes or discount codes.

Wherever you are, they are a very popular way of reducing costs when shopping. As the online shopping world has exponentially grown, so has the prevalence of coupon aggregators, where codes can be submitted, and shoppers can find them all in one place.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner or webmaster, you may of not have considered coupons yet. Up until now, coupons have been considered low value or even damaging to a an e-com store, but as the industry has grown, it’s become the norm for sites to offer some form of discount, either store wide, or for various products.

E-commerce Coupons – What Are The Benefits

In the early days, coupon sites were considered somewhat spammy. As these sites have grown with industry, they themselves have become ultra powerful, and ultra profitable, both from a business point of view, but also the authority and trust that is now recognised by Google. This represents a unique opportunity that many webmasters may have not considered. Not only can they be a source of traffic, but also powerful link opportunities.

Targeted Buyer Traffic

Many of the large coupon aggregators such as or, now have so much traffic themselves, that this metric alone makes it worthwhile leveraging. Both have close to 30 million organic visits per month.

A quick check gives a peek at their crazy traffic.



There are a plethora of sites that now offer submission of coupons. This is a viable marketing option, which shouldn’t be missed. Many sites are free to submit, however some are more heavily monitored than others.

Coupon Site Link Opportunities

The other major benefit I see, possibly more important than the traffic, is the opportunity to obtain a link from these sites. When a coupon is submitted, many also provide the opportunity to add a website or product page URL. Taking the two examples above, you can see that has DR (Domain Rating) of 65, and has a DR of 71.



Leveraging Existing Traffic Of Your E-commerce Store

As using discount codes and coupon has become so popular, many visitors may add a product in their cart, and then open another browser and search for  coupon for the product. Once they have it, they may come back to the site to complete the purchase. There are even very cool browser extensions such as Honey that will scrape coupons for you as you shop.

How To Submit To Coupon Sites

Submitting your coupon codes (once you’ve set them up in your store), is a rather simple process. For example, has an easy to navigate submission page where you just enter the details of the coupon. Here:

While this is simple, it can be tedious if you’re submitting to a large number of sites. Luckily there are some savvy marketers on that offer submission services rather cheaply. Simply head on over to and search “coupon submission” . To be honest, there are not that many gigs, which means there are probably not that many people doing this, which makes it all the better for us.


Best Coupon Sites To Submit To

Below is a list of example sites where you can submit. There are many more, but this is a good start.


This is a simple, yet highly effective and powerful strategy which is quick to implement really cheaply. Most sites create a branded or naked URL, ensuring you are creating a powerful, highly relevant link reasonably safely, plus the benefit of the extra traffic. A no-brainer IMO for any e-commerce site owner.

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