How to make WooCommerce Send Shipping Details to PayPal

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If you use PayPal with WooCommerce and you have setup to allow buyers to ship to different addresses to the billing address, you may wish to use the delivery address in the PayPal side, rather than the billing address, for your labeling and order identification purposes, or some other reason.

There is an option for this in WooCommerce, which can be found by following the process below:

How to make WooCommerce Send Shipping Details to PayPal (and prevent user overriding this)

  1. Open WordPress Admin, then visit : WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > PayPal
  2. Scroll down, and select “Send shipping details to PayPal instead of Billing” then
  3. Select “Enable “address_override” to prevent address information from being changed.” (this prevents user then changing that address at PayPal)
  4. Hit “Save Changes”.

This should complete that fix. For your help, below is a screenshot with those select boxes highlighted by some of my red boxes…

Leave a comment below if this worked or did not work for you and help others to learn WooCommerce!

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