How to disable reviews in WooCommerce

Sometimes clients and developers want to know how to do something… and there’s a setting sitting somewhere, for which the exact option can be configured.

This is exactly the case if you are wondering how to disable reviews in a WooCommerce store: there’s a setting!

Where is this “Enable Product Reviews” option?

Well, you can find it under WP Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Product > General – then under “Reviews” deselect “Enable Reviews” and hit “Save”.


Did you want more to do? Sorry, its been made really easy with WooCommerce 🙂

Note you’ll need the latest copy of WooCommerce installed to have this exact setting. Below is a picture from one of our test installations.

An image showing where

Also see – Remove Reviews tab from single products

Okay, so you turned off reviews. Maybe now you’d like to remove reviews tab from the single product view. Here’s how.

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