How to find PayPal Custom Payment Pages!

If you’ve run a PayPal account for a few years, maybe you have a number of custom payment styles.

A good while back now – I think in 2017 – PayPal stopped showing the link to these pages in its interface.

Despite this, you may well still wish to edit your custom page styles, particularly if your logo URL has changed, for some reason or another.

Its not there any more!

When looking for the way to find this setting, all I could at first find was descriptions to go to Profile > My Selling Tools > Custom Payment Pages, but, this is not here any more (the whole interface is different now).

So what to do? Fear not, I have the answer, below!

Where is Custom Payment Pages now?

  1. Login to your PayPal account as normal;
  2. Visit this page at PayPal:
  3. Here you’ll find what you wanted!

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