How to get custom order statuses in WooCommerce

Ever wished you had a custom order status in your WooCommerce store?

Did you want to add an “engraving” status, or an “out for delivery” status to your Woo store?

Perhaps you wanted to message or email customers when you were doing some post-sale processing?

Whatever you were looking to do, it you’ve made the smart decision to run your store in WooCommerce, you are in luck. There is a great solution to your situation, in the form of an official extension, called WooCommerce Order Status Manager.

What the Order Status Manager plugin does

This plugin, simply, allows you to add custom statuses into WooCommerce, choose the next (and previous) status (if there is one) and also to setup triggers for custom emails which are sent when orders are moved into this status.

Taking it Further – SMS Text Messages

If you couple the plugin with the Twilio Text messaging extension for WooCommerce, you can trigger an SMS to your customers when orders hit this status… now I know, you’re imagining the possibilities for your store!

Taking it Further – Updating order status on barcode scanning

We’ve created custom client solutions before where order statuses are updated on a barcode scan – so you can quickly move your orders along, in your warehouse or store environment, bleep, out for delivery!

This solution requires the WooCommerce barcodes extension.

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